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Need Details?

My age? 42

Eyes? Blue

My height? 5'5"

My weight? 120 lbs.

Tattoos? None. Piercings? Belly Button

Past Accomplishments: Degree in Finance

Am I married? Yes, happily

Fantasy Fuck? You! hehe ~TJ

Am I bisexual? Yes, but I like men the most :-)

My Birthday? Aug 14th

Boobs: 34C Enhanced

Favorite position: Doggy

Favorite Drink? Chocolate Martini

Weakness: Getting eaten from behind

Ambitions ~ I want to continue doing my sexy adult website for as long as possible. It is such a great sexual release for me since I am a natural exhibitionist.

Turn Ons ~ Sexy smile, great sense of humor....somebody with the ability to laugh at themselves. Sexy arms, a man that smells really good. I am a sucker for cologne.

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It is hard to sum up who I am in just a few short sentences or simple questions. I am a very down to earth mature woman with a very healthy appetite for sex. Me and my husband act our our hottest sexual fantasies and desires via my website. We film all aspects of our sexy experiences and share them here with you.

I enjoy good conversation and a nice glass of wine. Fun dinners out with my good friends. I grew up on a small farm in Texas. I was always a bit of a wild child growing up, but managed to get through school and achieved my goal to get a degree in finance. I found myself unfulfilled by my day job and yearned for a way to express myself in a more sexual way. I would wear some pretty revealing clothes to work just to see what type of reactions I would get. My hubby came home one day with a new digital camera and from there we just started getting crazy. We started by taking some sexy pictures for our swinger profile on a dating site. It was exhilarating to get such sexy responses to my candid and erotic photographs. I started to become addicted to sharing myself this way. I discovered that I was a nympho at heart and couldn't seem to get enough sexual attention.

My husband loves to watch me with other men and women. He gets off on it in every way. I also enjoy watching him with another woman. We are a very open minded couple and love meeting and sharing new experiences with other couples. We meet all sorts of different couples, from 20 somethings up to 50 somethings. Needless to say I am living a very sexually fulfilling life to say the least. It seems like a million years ago that I was sitting at a desk in a day job 9-5 day in day out. I much prefer being naked on the net :)

I have received many thoughtful and sexy letters over the years from different men who admire my photos and videos. I find it very rewarding and satisfying expressing myself this way. I hope to have shared a little piece of myself with you here and hope you are enjoying my website. xoxo TJ


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